I hope you all had a great (if not quite normal!) Easter. I’ve been doing lots of writing, it’s nice to have the time for it, but I think everyone’s also having days where they’re just unable to concentrate with everything going on (I certainly am).

So if you’re finding it tough, go easy on yourself. When I can’t write, I just write my diary instead. It helps me work through my thoughts and feel better, and I think it’s important to record this very odd moment in our history.

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about a new Journal that was just launched last night which I think sounds really exciting!

Paper Lanterns is a new quarterly literary journal for all things YA, with writing by and for young adults. It’ll feature creative writing, articles, interviews, art work, photography and reviews. Based in Dublin, “This is a YA journal for writers, artists, dreamers, and doers.”

Both young people and adults can submit their work for all sections of the journal. They also have a book club.

The first issue is available now, you can order it on their website (and well done to them for getting it out amid all the madness) and the articles include an interview with Sarah Crossan, essays on the representation of mental health and diversity in YA as well as stories, flash fiction and poems. Their Facebook and Twitter pages have links to short videos of contributors reading extracts from their work from Issue 1.

AND they’re looking for submissions for Issue Two so do send them your work! And teachers/librarians/parents please recommend it to your young writers. And check it out yourself if you’re interested in keeping up with the world of YA.

We don’t see enough short stories, poems, flash fiction or other forms of writing for young people because there are really very few outlets for YA/KidsLit beyond traditional publishing and novels. So I think it’s fantastic to see YA being the focus of a literary journal and it’s especially wonderful for young writers to be given the chance to contribute. More of this please! I really applaud what they’re doing and I hope it succeeds. If you agree, please do support them if you can. 



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