If your creative writing club has a budget, I’d really recommend a subscription to Paper Lanterns Journal of writing for and by teens. They run great writing competitions and teens can submit stories, poems, articles and book reviews. Several of the kids in our club have been published by them and it’s always such a rush and an encouragement to see their work in print!

This is our Kaila, who’s now reviewing for them (I’m told you get free books!)

I don’t think anyone should be pushed to submit their writing anywhere if they don’t want to. Everyone writes for their own reasons, and these might be nothing to do with being read or published, it might just be for their own amusement, catharsis, a way to explore their thoughts and feelings. (This is arguably a much healthier attitude, as any writer who’s just had a look at their book on Goodreads might tell you!) But if they are keen to see their work in print, then Paper Lanterns is a great outlet.

And you don’t have to be a subscriber to submit!

At the moment they’re running a personal essay competition, and it can be about ANYTHING! While themed writing can sometimes provide a great jumping off point, I think it can also be good to give writers free reign so this is very exciting.

The deadline is 31st March and the wordcount is 800-1200 words.

“What interests you? This is the writing we’re looking for. For example, you could discuss your love for arts, sports, activism, or anything else you feel strongly about. Basically, if you feel passionate enough to write about it, we want to read it! Don’t be afraid to use the first person either.”

They’re also on the lookout for articles on YA Literature.

“We are also looking for essays and articles discussing themes in teen and YA literature. This could be an interview with an author or literary organisation, a review of a literary event, etc. We are open to essays and ideas on film, theatre, as well as art. Other ideas include events or protests you have taken part in, your hobbies, causes you are passionate about, or series you love.”

Submission details here. Get writing!