Just a quick post to share this amazing Zoom recording by the Embassy of Ireland, Pretoria, of young writers from South Africa and Ireland reading pieces they’ve written about what it means to be a young person today.

I’m so proud to say that one of the young writers, Niamh, is one of our own! She’s a regular at our Fighting Words writing group. She’s been coming along for a couple of years now and I know she impresses and inspires the whole group (including me) with her dedication to writing and her beautiful stories and poems. She’s a really fantastic writer and apparently a fantastic reader as well! Well done, Niamh!

Inspired by the topic, another of our group made this video with his piece on Growing Up. JJ is a brilliant writer and his stories are so full of imagination and humour and this piece shows he can tackle really serious topics as well. I particularly love the line, “Growing up isn’t about waiting until you’re an adult, it’s about deciding who you’re going to be as an adult.” Well done, JJ, this is wonderful!


I think young writers are always interested in hearing or reading things written by people their own age so you could pass this on to them. It’s also a great topic for a writing prompt if you wanted to make your own collection/zoom reading etc with your group. What does it mean to be a young person today? Discuss…

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