Seriously, I am such a Christmas fan my husband has literally banned me from singing Christmas Carols before 1st December (counting the days…!) 

All memes for this post will be Elf-themed.

My top 3 things about Christmas are:

1. Christmas Carols

2. The Christmas Tree (and singing “Oh, Christmas Tree” all the way home from buying the Christmas Tree, obvs)

3. Book shopping!

I love choosing books for people (it was my favourite thing about working in the public library), so I was well up for Sarah Webb’s annual Book Elves shenanigans.

Told you

Every year the Book Elves spend a week recommending children’s books in all genres and for all ages. You can even ask them for a personal recommedation for someone you know! Just search for the #BookElves2023 on Twitter or Instagram to find loads of brilliant suggestions if you’re stuck for what to buy someone! And if you like what we do, why not sign up to be a Book Elf next year?

(And yeah, it’s for children’s books, but I just want to point out that I buy my husband picture books all the time and he loves them. I did a whole thread about it here.)

Technically, also an elf

The display tables at Waterstones are great, but also don’t forget local writers! We have a great YA scene in NI at the moment (#NIYA) and #DiscoverIrishKidsBooks will lead you to many Irish gems.

Enjoy your shopping, and Merry Christmas from the Book Elves!


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