I’m kidding. No one writes with pens anymore, do they? Most of my young writers write on their phones! Can’t imagine how.

Anyway, here’s some new creative writing opportunities to keep your thumbs fit:

The Foyle Young Poets of the Year award is open for entries until 31st July. You have to be 11-17 to enter.

They’re also keen to contact previous winners and highly commended poets to interview them for a research project so if you know any, send them to the website.


Lidl Northern Ireland have launched #MyLidlStory – a 200 word story competition for 5-14 year olds. The story has to begin with the words ‘One day in Lidl…’

This will be judged by Roddy Doyle, no less, and the winner in each age category wins a £250 Lidl voucher (think of the chocolate!) AND a creative writing masterclass hosted by Roddy Doyle and Fighting Words AND a signed copy of Roddy’s book. Entries have to be in by 31st May.


Generation Lockdown is open for entries from 7-17 year olds until 17th July. They want to know about your life in lockdown, in the form of stories, personal experience or poems. This is for writers aged 7-17 and should be 700 words or less and will be judged by a group of published authors. Winners will be published in a book as well as winning a prize and you get to go to the book launch and meet the judges! All money raised from the book will go to the BookTrust charity.


Our Corona Diary is creating an archive of young people’s experiences during lockdown by collecting their diaries. They also hope to publish some of them in an anthology so if you’d like to contribute, just start a diary. They stress that a diary doesn’t have to be written. It can be drawn, painted, photographed, filmed, recorded, sung, sculpted, knitted or a combination of all of these!

They’re also collecting on Instagram (@ourcoronadiarygram) and Twitter (@OurCoronaDiary)


So loads to be getting on with there. And if you know a young writer who’d like to share their work, I’m happy to do that here on The Blank Page, just send it to me. While I think it’s perfectly OK to write just for yourself and never show it to anyone or enter competitions, for some people it can be a real confidence boost to put their work out there so it’s great to have all these opportunities!



2 thoughts on “Lucky you stockpiled all those pens

  1. JoAnne Quigg says:

    Thanks Kelly for all the info on the competitions and writing opportunities out there for our young people here at the present time. I do continue to post the details out to pupils on our remote learning platform. I know that our students do read up on these, think about them, write pieces privately just for themselves and sometimes even send them on for entry. I’m also really enjoying catching up on the previous posts I missed from The Blank Page blog (now that there is a little more time for actual reading!) There are so many invaluable tips and intriguing topics. Thanks again!

    • Thanks JoAnne, that’s great to hear! I’m glad the kids are getting some writing time. Silver linings! I’d love to read their work and publish it on the blog if they’re up for it.

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